Specializing in the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions including:

• Neck and low back pain
• Herniated disks
• Disc disorders
• Spinal stenosis
• Sciatica
• Vertebral fractures
• Neuropathies
• Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)
• Post Herpetic Neuralgia (Shingles)
• Arthritic joints
• Strains and sprains
• Carpal tunnel
• Cancer pain


Treatment of chronic pain requires a detailed assessment and multidisciplinary plan. This requires a commitment from thepatient as well as the treatment team to frequently asses and treat chronic pain. Aside from medical management,physical therapy and on occasion psychological consultations, treatments may include:

• Epidural Injections SEE PDF
• Transforaminal Injections SEE PDF
• Facet Joint Injections SEE PDF
• Sacroiliac Joint Injections SEE PDF
• Ultrasound guided trigger point injections
• Ultrasound guided joint injections
• Ultrasound guided tendon injections
• Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression SEE PDF
• Kyphoplasty
• Sympathetic Nerve Blocks SEE PDF
• Radiofrequency Neuroablation SEE PDF
• Spinal Cord Stimulation
• Implantable Infusion Systems
• Discography SEE PDF
• In the future look for PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma) for athletic injuries!